POWER Dollars

At CVES we reward the POSITIVE because it leads all of us in the right direction! Our PBIS – Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports – are based upon the belief that all children can exhibit appropriate behavior. Our entire CVES community has a clear set of expectations and procedures in place for encouraging GREAT behavior, each and every day.

Collaboration Points are awarded when students work together as a team. Points are tallied at the end of each month, and students are invited to visit the Treasure Box.
POWER Dollars are provided to individual scholars who demonstrate our core POWER values – Perseverance, Optimism, Willingness, Empathy and Respect – have perfect attendance, and are exceptional when others are not. Students go shopping with POWER Dollars once a month at the Ellie Store.
POWER Coupons are given to students by students when one has demonstrated any of our five core POWER values. Students can use those coupons at the Ellie Store.
Ellie Tokens are given to students by those on our CVES team outside of each classroom who witness the demonstration of our core values. After 20 Ellie tokens are accumulated, students take a vote and as a class are able to cash in on a reward.

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