How can I log on to create my own username and password?
Concourse Village Elementary School has licensed the Connect with Kids content that streams to support social and emotional learning for our students and families. We have been assigned an organization code that allows CVES parents and educators to create a personal user name and password. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner of the site homepage and follow the prompts.

How can I get the organization code?
Click here 
to receive an email with our school organization code. You can also call Alexa Sorden, principal, at 718-402-7503 or email ASorden@schools.nyc.gov, or contact Connect with Kids client support at 1-888-598-KIDS (5437), ext. 101.

How can I assure that the video content plays on my computer?
It is best to log on via Google Chrome, Mozilla or Firefox. Please be sure not to log onto the site via Internet Explorer, which does not adequately support playing video content files. If you are having technical difficulties, feel free to call or email Connect with Kids client support: 1-888-598-5437, ext. 101.

Who uses Connect with Kids video resources?
Students, college educators and K-12 staff around the nation, including (classroom teachers, school nurses, guidance counselors and P.E. teachers and coaches), social workers, probation officers, hospital personnel, and parents all use Connect with Kids. Any adult who wants to help improve the lives of children will find that Connect with Kids is a great tool to help students relate to adults and each other.

Is there research supporting Connect with Kids programs?
Connect with Kids programs are evidence-based.  Connect with Kids appears as an “Effective Producer” of programs on the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse List. Read more at   http://connectwithkids.com/research.

Have more questions?
Please call Alexa Sorden, principal, at 718-402-7503 or email ASorden@schools.nyc.gov. You can also contact Connect with Kids client support at 1-888-598-KIDS (5437), ext. 145.