Physical Education

Our Mission
At Concourse Village Elementary School our Physical Education mission is to give students the skill knowledge and motivation to participate in physical activity for lifetime. Through movement and active participation, physical education helps to develop physical development skills. It promotes self-esteem and interpersonal skills that allow students to learn about who they are as well as provide them with insight on how they interact and relate to others. Our program is based on fostering wellness through developmental appropriate physical activities, which include motor skills and movement development. Our goal is to help students develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision
At Concourse Village Elementary School we believe physical education is an essential part of students’ academic and personal success. Distinctive to other areas of the school curriculum, physical education provides movement-centered and knowledge-based activities for all students. The core components center on movement and social interaction, allowing students to recognize the diversity of individual ability and participate with respectful conduct. Developing a balanced program offering a variety of activities provides students with opportunities to develop acceptable fitness levels, a broad spectrum of skills and the necessary knowledge to use acquired skills for a lifetime of active participation. Positive participation in physical education will leave students with a legacy of success facilitating an active lifestyle.