Parent Resources

Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their child’s learning, the child performs better. Plus, we know that when we help to teach children self-direction, to get along with others, avoid risky behaviors and find help when they feel sad or discouraged (known as social and emotional learning), academic performance improves.

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You will find practical, proven resources that can help families connect … share … talk and think about important youth and family issues in a whole new way. Each program (some in Spanish, as well) features student profiles as well as interviews with leading experts and parents. Each video program is divided into five segments; each segment is four to six minutes in length. Additionally, the parent resources include a Family Viewing Guide with facts, tips and suggested “conversation starters,” as well as two-minute video shortcuts that contain the latest research and information on today’s key issues.

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Parents will also find programs in Spanish, family viewing guides and video shortcuts that are two minutes in length and contain the latest research and information on key issues listed above.